Trade and Structured
Finance Bank

Trade Finance

  • Bank guarantees, letters of credit, documentary bank guarantees/stand-by letters of credit, bills of exchange and promissory notes;
  • Purchase financing collateralized by the commodity;
  • Inventory financing collateralized by the inventory;
  • Sales financing of customers;
  • Financing of non-ferrous metal including those on the London Metal Exchange;
  • Structured trade finance;
  • Short term and long term financing;
  • Traditional bank loans;
  • Participation in syndication of loans or other debt instruments;
  • Investment and acquisition financing; and
  • Suppliers' and buyers' credit.


We are experienced at various kinds of accounts receivable finance, including the sale of accounts receivable to a third party. A manufacturer can sometimes factor its receivable assets to meet present or immediate cash needs.

Accounts receivable financing using receivables as collateral for a revolving or term loan is also a service Merkanti can provide.

Structured Finance

Our Structured Finance group offers our customers financing solutions for transactions that require unique and innovative structures.

Based on a comprehensive review and analysis, our structured finance solutions can provide the capital and services that our customers need to meet the demands of their business.

With the volatile markets in recent years, Merkanti has remained committed to providing financial solutions to our customers. Our team of experts work to determine our customers’ needs and execute them, so that they can move forward with confidence.

Other Services

  • Payment services as defined in the Financial Institutions Act;
  • Guarantees and commitments;
  • Subject to applicable laws, trading in:
    • Money market instruments;
    • Foreign exchange;
    • Financial futures and options;
    • Exchange and interest-rate instruments;

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